How to Delete a WordPress Theme

There’s no need to spread this out further than necessary. You want to know how to delete a WordPress theme double-quick time so you can get on with something else. So, let’s get down to it. First, we’ll look at how to delete a WordPress theme from inside your WordPress website, then we’ll look at … Read more

How to Make WordPress Sidebar Widgets Sticky

A lot of WordPress websites use a sidebar on the left or right-hand side of their pages. The content in the sidebar varies from site to site and reflects the goals of the owner. Some sidebars display lots of advertising, while others contain links to products, services or popular content. Many sidebars contain a mix of the two. … Read more

About WordPress Categories and Tags

WordPress uses categories and tags to organise related content. In the WordPress ecosystem, they’re called taxonomies. You only use categories and tags on posts. You can’t use categories or tags on pages. If you don’t understand the difference between posts and pages, read this: In WordPress, What’s the Difference Between Posts and Pages?. Categories cover very broad topics … Read more