WordPress Multisite is a feature of WordPress 3.0 and later versions that allows multiple virtual sites to share a single WordPress installation. When the multisite feature is activated, the original WordPress site can be converted to support a network of sites. Here’s how you can set it up.

What is WordPress Multisite?

A WordPress Multisite network allows you to run and manage multiple WordPress sites or blogs from a single WordPress installation. It enables you to create new sites instantly and manage them using the same username and password. You can even allow other users to create their own sites on demand, making it perfect for large organisations, universities, and blog networks.

How to Set Up WordPress Multisite

Step 1: Back Up Your WordPress Site

Before making major changes to your WordPress site, it’s always a good idea to back it up. This way, if something goes wrong, you can restore your site to its previous state.

Step 2: Enable the Multisite Feature

  1. Connect to your server using an FTP client or your host’s cPanel file manager.
  2. Open the ‘wp-config.php’ file.
  3. Add the following line of code above where it says, /* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */: define('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true);
  4. Save your changes and close the file.

Step 3: Set Up Your Network

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Tools > Network Setup. You’ll be given the option to set up a network of subdomains or subdirectories. Choose the one that suits you best.
  2. After that, fill in the Network Details: Network Title and Admin Email Address.
  3. Click Install.

Step 4: Enable the Network

After installing the network, you’ll be given some code.

  1. Copy the code under the Create a Network of WordPress Sites section.
  2. Go back to your ‘wp-config.php’ file and paste this code above the line reading /* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */.
  3. WordPress will also provide a section of code to add to your .htaccess file. Replace the existing WordPress rules in your .htaccess file with the ones given.
  4. Save your changes to both files and close them.

Step 5: Set Up Your Network Admin

Upon completing the setup process, you’ll need to log in again. When you do, you’ll have access to the multisite network admin, where you can manage all the sites in your network, install themes and plugins, add new sites, and more.


Setting up WordPress Multisite can seem complex, but it allows you to manage multiple sites from one dashboard, making it a powerful tool for businesses, universities, and other organisations. However, it does require more technical knowledge and resources than a standard WordPress site. It’s essential to back up your site before making changes and consult with a professional if you’re unsure.